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Wow, I haven't updated in a while. Here's what I've been up to:

  • After I got home from graduation, I interviewed for a job at the startup that my friend Adam works for. I kinda blew that one, though to be fair, there was a language barrier issue (the senior dev interviewing me didn't speak English very clearly and I don't speak Chinese at all, so we were more or less in a constant state of confusion).

  • I went and visited Susannah for the better part of a week. Yay :)

  • I finally got to play Katamari Damacy on my friend Matt's PS2. Um. Coolest console game ever. I can't really justify buying a PS2 for just one game, though.

  • I visited various doctors for routine checkups and found that my left eye is lazy again and needs surgery again. Bah.

And now, the big thing:

I finally got around to posting my resume to Monster (annoying site! why must you only accept them in Word format!) and applied for a job I found through there. I got rejected for that by the automated system the very next morning (isn't technology wonderful?), but the very next day (last Friday), I got a call from a recruiter for another company. I told him I was interested in the job he recruiting for (junior Java developer), and he put me through to the company's senior developer, who put me through a phone screening. I breezed through the screening (easier than I thought it would be!) and they scheduled me for an interview the next day. I was kinda nervous when I showed up and took much longer on the first interview question (write an iterative Fibonacci number calculating routine) than I should have, but after that, I loosened up and the rest of it went pretty smoothly. They told me that I'd hear from them next week.

Yesterday, as I was boarding a train home from New York (hooray, more medical stuff), I got a call from the recruiter. He offered me a job.

Let me say that again: THEY OFFERED ME A JOB!

The work sounds interesting, the people I met seemed really nice, and the money and benefits are apparently good for an entry-level tech job in New York, so I accepted. Starting next Monday, I'll be a junior developer at IPSoft, a big IT company in downtown Manhattan. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm so excited. I thought I was going to be job-hunting until mid-July at the earliest.

Finally, Susannah is hopefully coming down to see me later this week. Happiness all around :)
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