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Jul. 28th, 2017 09:00 am
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That vote

by digby

This picture of a rainbow was taken by photographer Kate Wool in Fairbanks Alaska just as the vote failed last night after they had spent an hour leaning on her Senator Lisa Murkowski to get her to change her mind. McCain was the big hero of course because, well he was. But it was the two women, Murkowski and Collins who held strong through the whole process and not because they objected to McConnell's devious procedures as McCain did. They objected on the merits of the bills.

I thought that picture perfectly illustrated the immense relief many of us felt and a nice thank you from the gods and goddesses to Senator Murkowski.

Here's a hilarious play by play of McCain's vote:

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WASHINGTON—Saying the agency has already detected numerous instances of the fraudulent activity, the Federal Trade Commission warned consumers Friday to watch out for counterfeit tickets being sold to the upcoming solar eclipse. “We advise people to be on the lookout for unauthorized agents selling fake paper and/or electronic tickets to the total solar eclipse on August 21,” said Thomas Pahl, acting director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, explaining that an estimated 5,000 phony tickets to the astronomical phenomenon have already been sold through outlets such as Craigslist and eBay, with prices ranging from $25 for general admission passes to thousands of dollars for bogus “all-access” VIP packages. “Unfortunately, this kind of scam isn’t uncommon with must-see events like this one. While we’re doing our best to crack down on these sham vendors, we want to remind everyone that caution is always the ...

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HOUSTON—After an exhaustive 18-month evaluation process in which an applicant pool of hundreds was narrowed down to the two very buffest candidates, NASA announced Friday that it had chosen a pair of hot, ripped astronauts to take part in the first-ever man-on-man mission to Mars.

Shirtless and oiled-up for their appearance before the press, former Air Force captain Stephen Dunhill and Malibu, CA lifeguard Blake Brawner were introduced by officials who said the two tanned studs had completed an Astronaut Corps training program that pushed them to their mental, physical, and carnal limits. NASA confirmed that the two mouthwatering male specimens possessed both the courage and the raw, insatiable lust needed to complete the landmark mission.

“For centuries, humanity has gazed up at the bright red planet in the night sky and dreamed of putting a man on a man on Mars,” said NASA acting administrator Robert Lightfoot Jr ...

We Will Not Let You Go

Jul. 28th, 2017 03:00 pm
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A few years back we would have all been spending our time shouting obscenities at Joe Manchin and some group of preening "moderates" on the Dem side who would be parading around garnering attention for the profoundly difficult decision they were going to make... any day... For whatever reason, that wasn't the dynamic this time. So that's good.

Yay Dems.
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Bring some Vaseline because you're gonna have a rawhide

We've added a fair few thoroughbreds to this week's storage corral. Let's send in a wrangler and see what we've got.…

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British pop singer/songwriter Charli XCX, on the video for her new single Boys: "I just want to flip the male gaze on its head and have you guys do the sexy stuff." Starring Joe Jonas eating pancakes, Riz Ahmed telling secrets with teddy bear, Jay Park lounging on an inflatable flamingo, Chromeo having a pillow fight, and 50+ other boys.

More popular than The Beatles

Jul. 28th, 2017 02:52 pm
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Twenty years ago the man who recorded one of the most successful songs of all time was thrown off a motorbike by a car in Calabar, Nigeria. He hit his head on the road and was rushed to the hospital, where he lay for two weeks, in and out of consciousness, but deteriorating all the time. On June 24, 1997, Prince Nico Mbarga was pronounced dead.

Previous mention of Mbarga.

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Are you using payment system over public Wi‑Fi?

Black Hat USA Security researchers say they have come up with two separate "attacks" against ApplePay, highlighting what they claim are weaknesses in the mobile payment method.…

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WASHINGTON—At times struggling to hold back tears, a solemn President Donald Trump ordered all flags to half-staff Friday in honor of an American killed in the line of duty on an episode of Blue Bloods. “Today we honor New York City police officer Vincent ‘Vinny’ Cruz, a hero who cared so deeply about the people he served that he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect them,” said the president of the brash, fast-talking cop who was partnered with lead character Jamie Reagan at the beginning of season three. “Officer Cruz attempted to apprehend a thief inside the Bitterman housing project—the same housing project he himself rose up from years ago—totally unaware that he was walking into an ambush orchestrated by Santana and his Los Lordes gang. Once the shooting stopped, it was tragically evident that Vinny was mortally wounded. I offer my heartfelt condolences ...

Mama I Don't Want To Die

Jul. 28th, 2017 02:00 pm
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I was too pessimistic about Obamacare. The Medicaid expansion - despite Roberts and the evil Republican governors - was very good. The insurance regulations that applied across the board (coverage, pre-existing conditions, etc.) were very good. The exchanges still suck - private insurance is very expensive and not so fun to have and the subsidies are not generous enough and the magic competition doesn't exist and poor people really wish they were just a bit more poor so they could get that sweet sweet medicaid - but for many people barely affordable shitty insurance is preferable to no insurance at all.

I was also too pessimistic about the politics. I though it would not be enough of an improvement overall to cover for the fact that "Obama" (Democrats) would basically own our whole health care system which still sucks. I think it is, at least in the Medicaid expansion states. The new regulations are good for everyone with employer-based insurance, good enough that they are worth fighting for.

Though the "exchanges" are still the weak link and the Trumpkins are now going to do everything they can to make that link weaker. Most of them are incompetent at evil, but Price is not.
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Ripe target for ne'er-do-wells...

Black Hat Vulnerabilities in widely deployed Radiation Monitoring Devices (RDMs) present a potential mechanism for triggering false alarms and worse, according to research unveiled at Black Hat on Wednesday.…

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More than 1,000 pieces of networking hardware seized

City of London cops today confirmed they have confiscated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of counterfeit Cisco networking gear.…

Until next time by @BloggersRUs

Jul. 28th, 2017 06:00 am
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Until next time

by Tom Sullivan

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's "skinny repeal" bill targeting the Affordable Care Act failed 51-49 late last night in the U.S. Senate, or what is left of it. Reports suggest McConnell's team wrote the 8-page bill yesterday over lunch.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut declared the process "nuclear-grade bonkers."

The mad spectacle of Senate Republicans throwing themselves at a legislative process that resembled anything but could only have been topped last night by them dousing the place with gasoline and setting themselves alight. Forget Obamacare's flaws. Forget prospective White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci's Sopranos threats. Forget the melodramatic lecture Tuesday by Senator John McCain, R-Az., about restoring "regular order." If Al Pacino had burst in and shouted the whole Congress was out of order, that would have felt more sane.

Late last night, all Republican senators but three solemnly voted for a bill they did not want passed.

At an impromptu press conference earlier, Sen Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., declared it "a disaster" and "a fraud." Joined by fellow Republicans McCain, Johnson of Wisconsin, and Cassidy of Louisiana, Graham told reporters they had been assured that if the shell bill passed, the real bill would be written, once again in secret, in the House-Senate conference committee.

"I'd rather get out of the way and let it collapse than have a half-ass approach where it is now our problem," Graham told the press. Before he could vote for it, Graham demanded assurances from House Speaker Paul Ryan that the House would not pass the "skinny" bill as is. Receiving none, Graham voted to pass it anyway.

The three Republican dissenters when voting closed about 1:30 a.m. EDT this morning were Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and John McCain.

Prior to the final vote, Ezra Klein wrote:

Nothing that is happening tonight makes the slightest bit of sense. All of it violates every procedural principle and policy promise Republicans put forth in the aftermath of Obamacare’s passage.


We are watching indefensible policy being pushed forward in an indefensible process in the hopes that it will eventually be signed into law and implemented by an indefensible administration. And what’s stranger is everyone involved knows it. All this comes mere days after Sen. John McCain received a standing ovation on the floor of the Senate for excoriating the way this effort, and the way his institution, was being run.
After all of it, McCain cast the deciding vote to "kill the bill" as protesters outside the Capitol demanded.

The irony is Chafee-Romney-Obama market-based health insurance plans have been kicking around since Richard Nixon drafted one to keep any Democratic single-payer plans at bay. Today's Republicans have no alternative plan because their plan is already law. Beside their attempts to sabotage it, the problems inherent in Obamacare are the failures inherent in their preferred approach. The greater problem is, of course, Republicans derisively branded the standing, Republican-inspired law after a Democratic president and, whatever the costs, that Must Not Stand.

"It's time to move on," a disappointed McConnell told the Senate chamber after the voting closed. Until next time. There will be a next time.

"We are not celebrating. We are relieved," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. said afterwards.

Last night was a stinging defeat for Republicans. But there is little solace after McConnell and all but three of his caucus moved to abrogate democratic norms that have guided this country for decades if not centuries. All the protocols, all the arcane procedures senators from both parties learn to navigate and manipulate in their careers create, for better or worse, a known, predictable process for democratic governance. Like them or not, they provide some small stability at a time when Americans and the world could use some. All of that Republicans were poised to jettison in blind pursuit of an immediate "win." Not unlike the current resident of the White House, they are adrift without rudder or keel. And possessed perhaps by madness. There is little in that to find relief.

To adapt the aphorism, if you are not unnerved, you are not paying attention.

(h/t for photo: BHM)

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How's business on the other side of that $2.4bn void?

Western Digital earned the revenues it said it would in its final fiscal 2017 quarter and gave an object lesson to Seagate in how to run a storage drive business.…

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No internet better than Facebook's internet, say NGOs

Two-thirds of the planet doesn't have internet access - but some aren't keen to see Facebook make a bridge across that digital divide.…


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