Mar. 1st, 2006

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I sure wish I had discovered that Ruby has not only a debugger, but a debugger with full Emacs (gud) integration! This could have saved me at least a week of sticking print statements where they don't belong. Looks like it's back to good ol' Emacs for thesis code work, at least until RDT gets serious.

For the benefit of others, the Emacs debugger integration is in ruby1.8-elisp in Debian. You need to manually LOAD /usr/share/emacs-site-lisp/ruby1.8-elisp/rubydb3x.el[1](autoload.'rubydb "rubydb3" "Debug ruby code." t). Once you've done that, M-x rubydb, enter the name of the script to run with any arguments, and you'll be at a suspiciously familiar (if you know GDB) prompt.

Here's a (partial?) reference for the debugger.

Thesis update: I submitted a finished chapter and code snapshot yesterday. Paul seems to care more about getting more written output out of me than he does about me actually finishing this compiler, an attitude I can understand but makes me slightly sad. Oh well. One down, three to go. I think I have some momentum on my side now. Relatedly, [ profile] yellowpigs's srthesis documentclass for LaTeX works like a charm - I'm quite pleased with what my output looks like.

Topology exam tomorrow. Ugh. So very tired of homology theory. Wish I'd never heard of chains and bounding cycles.

[1] This shouldn't be necessary. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


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